Put the wrong fuel into your car? You’re not alone…

Maybe you just got a new car and forgot the fuel type was different? Maybe you have more than one car and forgot which you were driving….or maybe it was just one of those days! This happens to hundreds of motorists every day – they put the wrong fuel in their car.

My good friend owns a wrong fuel recovery company and wrote this article for Money Supermarket originally, but I have reproduced it here. Why you ask? Because I just added the wrong fuel myself last week! It wasn’t as painful an experience as I thought though thanks to me calling a wrong fuel SOS company instead of driving off!

Filling your tank with the wrong fuel is an easy to mistake to make, as I can testify from personal experience. Once, pulling into a petrol station late at night, I foolishly put unleaded into my diesel Peugeot 307’s tank. In my defence, I’d recently switched cars, and wasn’t used to picking up the diesel pump, and fortunately soon realised my error – while I still had my hand on the trigger.

Yet sudden panic set in that I’d ruined the engine and would face a hefty bill for my lapse in concentration. However, I hadn’t turned on the ignition, and had only put a tiny amount of the wrong fuel into my car. On asking the attendant, he said it should be fine – and I was lucky enough to drive off without damage. But I know I’m not alone in my mis-fuel mistake.


Wrong Fuel Help – Petrol in a Diesel Car problem? from Wrong Fuel Help on Vimeo.

Potential damage

Others aren’t so fortunate, as the damage for a full-blown mis-fuelling misadventure can be significant. You see, by filling a diesel car with petrol you risk seriously damaging the engine – petrol acts as a solvent – with repairs amounting to hundreds or even thousands of pounds if the engine fails as the contaminated fuel goes through the system. Also, metal particles from the pump could be deposited in the fuel, risking further damage.

If you accidently fill your car with the wrong type of fuel but realise before setting off, tell the petrol station, as I did, and your insurer as soon as possible – and your breakdown company if you have one. If possible, put the car in neutral and ask for help to shift it to a safe spot.

Whatever you do, don’t turn on the ignition. If you only realise your error after leaving the service station you’ll find out within a few hundred yards when your car splutters to a halt.

Try to stop in as safe a place as possible, move away from the car if necessary (if you’re on a motorway hard shoulder, for example) and get in contact with your breakdown provider (or contact one for the first time if necessary). Some breakdown policies, such as the AA’s, have a dedicated roadside service called Fuel Assist, which drains, flushes and replenishes car fuel systems as you wait.

Will your insurance cover you?

If you manage to ‘mis-fuel’, this is classed as accidental damage under a comprehensive car insurance policy. While some insurers will cover damage to your engine, others won’t – and if you breakdown you’ll need a dedicated breakdown policy to be rescued.

If they will help, the best way is for fuel sitting in the tank to be drained and the filters cleaned or replaced. This way, you protect your engine from damage. But don’t berate yourself, as hundreds of thousands of drivers have done the same in the past, and it’s not always a death knell for your engine.


How to Select Packaging, Brand and Label for Your Product

My good friend Sid is the owner of a large packaging company in Cheshire (Stampbourne Packaging and Boxes). They have a huge warehouse and manufacture many designs. Over the years, Sid has come across many good and bad design ideas, and understands that getting the packaging and branding right is key. I asked him and his team to put together a quick article to give some information! Enjoy!

die cut boxes packaging idea

Some amazing packaging and branding using die-cut boxes to really make a bold statement to your customer

Branding Process

A vital process for businesses is branding. It is important that your brand really stands out from the rest, so investing money and time into researching as well as planning is important for its development. Begin discussing any ideas you may have with your business partner, contacts in the industry and even family and friends.

Money can be very short for a start up business so employing a branding agency may not be possible. That being said, one of the most effective ways of creating a brand that stands out and works is by using an outside consultant to help you develop your brand.

In this article we’ll review a few different startups and what they did. The first is the beer brand BrewDog, which was founded by James Watt and he emphasises how important it is to “invest in your brand as it is the most powerful and valuable aspect of any business”. Branding is the outside face of your business so it is of equal importance as it is to invest in a good IT system.

It will probably be more convenient to hire a local agency as opposed to a large agency, it will also allow for meetings to discuss the product face to face and it is more cost effective. It is invaluable to the development of your brand to have this personal communication with an outside consultant, it is also important to clearly communicate your exact goals and objectives.

It is also important that from the beginning you are clear on what you do not want, this avoids having to change things around later. Cheaper deals may be offered by local agencies and may even initially be persuaded to work for a smaller payment hoping that larger payments may be secured are a later date or when the business is up and running.

The jam company, SuperJam was founded by Fraser Doherty, who was able to persuade a design agency that was local to work with him when starting out for a small fee. He stated that this is something they agreed to as it was their belief that SuperJam would be quite successful, therefore further down the line they would benefit from repeat business, this was obviously a smart choice.

Make sure that before you decide on one, you really shop around and check out a few agencies, this will guarantee that you find the most suitable consultant for your business for the best value. Look for someone with a clear understanding or background in your industry, their expertise will prove to be a valuable asset.

Die-cut boxes, Packaging and more!

It can be quite complicated to package, it requires a lot of planning and thought. Make sure that you always allow yourself enough time to properly package your products. Magic Whiteboard was set up by Neil Westwood and he recalls that they had to redesign their packaging more than once before they settled on a final choice.

Who are your target retailers? How will they be displaying your product? Keep in mind that they will want to use as little space possible in their locale. Shape and size are paramount, so is where you position the labels and handle. Neil suggests that before ordering any boxes, get some of them mocked up os you can properly asses the packaging. You can also show these mockups to buyers who may provide you with feedback on what works well and what should be changed.

Investing in hiring an outside consultant or a product development director is an investment that Grace Foder believes is worthwhile. It is crucial to get the brand and packaging perfect as it is the tool that generates the highest amount of sales, after all it is the first thing that is seen by potential customers.

The labels and packaging can be created by local printing businesses and probably at a lower price than a larger printing company would, keep in mind however that depending on the size of your order, if you only want a few prototypes, bulk buying discounts may not be available. It may also be worth looking into a small design agency who may be able to help as they may have quite a few connections in the field.


This video may be a bit dated, but still has some great advice on packaging and branding.


When deciding what labels to use for your product, basic market research is the best option. Look at other products on the market as well as your competitors and try to determine what really works and what doesn’t. The significance of labelling as well as how it can affect sales is often underestimated by businesses, so make sure that the one you choose is the one that will really work the best for your product.

The co-founder of Bulldog Natural Grooming, Simon Duffy views the supermarket shelf as if it was his billboard. It is where you are going to show off your product, by creating labels that are original and imaginative, you can really make the most out of this opportunity.

Your brand and its proposition must be reflected by the label. A label that is clear and simple will help your product to really stand out when on the shelf, after all this is the main aim, keep in mind that many times shoppers do not have time to browse. We sell loads of mug boxes but if the products aren’t properly labelled then nobody knows what is in them or the specifications like colour, size, etc.

Jemma Kidd Makeup School´s Grace Foder warns of how dangerous it can be if a label becomes too convoluted. She explains that is must be simple, clean and to the point. That being said, although labels should not be complicated, make sure that you do not miss any of the wording, correcting this can be very burdensome and expensive.

There are also many legal requirements to consider, for example including ingredients for cosmetic products or food items also the time after opening date in which it must be user or a use-by date. Keep in mind that you should also leave space for a barcode and a Euro hook may want to be included if you are planning on selling out of Europe.


Brighton Travel Information & Tourist Guide

Brighton Travel Information & Tourist Guide

The City of Brighton as well as Hove is a contemporary, dynamic, multicultural “City by the Sea”, situated in between the stunning South Downs and also the Sussex Coast about 60 miles due south of the UK funding, London.

Brighton has actually long been among the UK’s greatest and also most trendy seaside communities as well as is a preferred visitor hotel with several hotels, restaurants and also home entertainment facilities together with a significant company seminar sector.

Originally known as the moderate angling town of Brighthelmstone, this city has solid links with the past with its regency design, Victorian Sea Life Centre, Brighton Pier, and of course The Royal Pavilion. By 1825 after Dr Richard Russell proclaimed the qualities of showering in as well as drinking salt water, Brighton was born as a classy seaside hotel.

Currently it is a contemporary city, with diverse buying from Churchill Square and also Western Roadway, to The Lanes and bohemian North Lanes, London Roadway and also St James Road, Church Road and George Road in Hove. There is a brand-new state of the art Library, dining establishments, bars and also clubs to match every preference, theatres, movie theaters, 10-pin bowling as well as casinos. In addition there are 2 colleges, and also a wide array of showing off activities, including effective cricket, and also football groups, or even a racecourse as well as greyhound stadium.

Another one-of-a-kind and also historic tourist attraction is Volks Railway, the oldest operating electric train worldwide. Created in 1883 by Magnus Volk, this 1 1/4 mile track links the Fish tank and also Pier with Brighton Marina, with a half way stop near the children’s play area.

This year Brighton & Hove have been granted its first ever Blue Flag honor for its beaches at Hove Lawns and West Street. These assure that they are clutter cost-free and also have clean swimming water. There is also a very discreet naturist beach at Dukes Mound near Brighton Marina.

After a browse through to Brighton Pier what better method to continue than with a walk along the beachfront and down to the boardwalk. Here you could find the artists’ quarter and also fishing gallery. There is a conventional carrousel and numerous bars, clubs as well as dining establishments under these historic arcs. Even more along the seafront you will certainly find a kids’s play area, paddling swimming pool as well as volley ball court.

Away you come face to face with the continuing to be accident of the West Pier. This was initially built in 1866, has been existing run-down because 1975, as well as was damaged by arson strikes in 2002. Although specific pieces from this Grade I detailed building were removed and have been kept in storage.

Nonetheless, the exciting information is that work is because of begin at the end of July on this site for the groundbreaking Brighton Eye. To be gained at the shore end of the trashed pier, the i360 (as it is also recognized) will have a 172 meter high needle tower, with a rising and descending circular watching system with an ability for 125 people. It will be Britain’s highest monitoring tower with breathtaking views along the shore, throughout the South Downs as well as throughout the Network. Completion of this amazing and ingenious building is set up for 2009.