The Conclusive and Concise Small Business SEO Checklist

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SEO over the years has proved to be very important especially for small businesses as it helps to boost visibility of the business or entity, helping to enhance online marketing efforts in media outreach, social media, ratings & reviews. This simultaneously assists in getting new clients as well as business. Below you will find a comprehensive checklist that you can use for your reference to optimize your business website. 

Google Analytics Implementation

Before you even start thinking about small business SEO tactics and tips, you should ensure that everything that happens on your website is being tracked. There are a variety of website analytics tools at your disposal allowing you to pick the one that works best. This will give you information of what your visitors are doing on the site. Google Analytics so far is the best tool that small businesses should utilize. It is pretty simply to use and is available free of charge. All you have to do is sign up or sign into your Google Account, search for Google Analytics, sign up here using the name of your site, category, time zone and URL and click on the “get tracking ID” to finish signing up. You will get a track code that should be placed on all the pages on the site. From here you can check the analytics accounts every week.

Google Webmaster Tools Implementation

It helps to utilize Google webmaster tools before you can start optimizing your website. This is another example of a free tool that offers business owners data about the visibility on Google. This comes in handy for small business SEO as it provides details such as impression & clicks, errors and page load speed. Cheshire based firm Cheshire SEO recommend using Google Webmaster for every site you have.

Optimizing Title Tag

For your small business SEO campaign, it is vital to make sure that your title tag is optimized in the proper way. Have in mind that this is more important than the page URL thus needs to be handled with a lot of seriousness. The title tag gives you the chance to inform the search engines what the website is all about. Remember to keep the characters less than 70 and include the state and city, business name as well as one or two keywords. Title tag should always be placed under the “head” section of the HTML code ideally at the home page. Once you are done with this, you can move to other landing pages on the business website.

Optimize H1 Tag

Another important small business SEO element is the header also known as H1 tag. This also gives you the chance to inform the search engine as well as your users what the page deals with. If necessary, the H1 tag can be longer than the title tag. Here you can include the full name of the blog post or page that they are describing. Remember to always include keywords in the tag to make it more effective.

Create a Meta Description Tag

Optimizing the meta description tag is also vital when looking for what works for small business SEO techniques. The meta description can be described as the small snippet of information that is found under the search results a person gets on either Bing or Google. Although it does not affect organic rankings, it entices users to see what the link is all about. This means that you have to come up with one that strongly calls for action. If you are not enticing potential clients to purchase your products, call the business or get something that will draw people to the website to ensure that you do not miss out on any clicks.

Placing internal links

An internal link can be described as a hyperlink that is placed within your content that guides both users and search engine spiders throughout your site. These are very important for small business SEO efforts as they help users to locate relevant content on the site. At the same time, it also lets Google associate keywords be found within the landing pages. When this is done in the proper way, it won’t be long before you start seeing positive results. A good example of how to do this is in this Cheshire SEO company blog.

Build an SEO footer

Local businesses also need to be on Google + Local. This is simply because without being locally optimized, there is no way the business will rank on Google’s front page. This is something you need to think deeply for successful small business SEO. Once your business has been ranked on all the best directories the next step is to put your name, phone number and address in the footer of all the pages on the website. This needs to be marked using Schema code as it helps Google, Bing and Yahoo to understand your business name, phone number and address that help to identify the business.

Get more phone calls from the site

One of the mistakes that business owners make with small business SEO campaign is to leave out their phone number while optimizing the site. Since you are working hard to get loads of traffic, it is important that you use this traffic that comes your way in a highly efficient manner. Clients will not have a way a means of calling you if you don’t provide a telephone number they can reach you on. Place the phone number in a prominent place on the site so that clients can see the number within 10 seconds of browsing. The number can be added to the header, footer or sidebar. This is one of the ways to convert visitors to customers.

Get more Emails from the Site

As you work on getting more phone calls to your business, getting more emails should also be incorporated in your small business SEO campaign. You can add a contact form that makes it easier for all the potential clients to talk to you. This should be done in a simple way that visitors can follow without any problem.

With great Seo power...Always remember that great SEO power normally comes with immense responsibility therefore it has to be done in a proper manner so that it can yield the best results without any problems. If you need any help, contacting a professional small business SEO Cheshire based firm such as CheshireSEO.org, can really help.


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