Even Plumbers Are Using YouTube Now!!

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who owns a plumbing business in Cheshire. He has been growing well over the last few years and has become very successful. I asked him what it was down to, and was quite surprised at his response!

Apparently, he doesn’t attribute his growth to just being reliable, and well priced. Although, of course, that is an important aspect! He has, however, focussed on the fact that he targets new customers and prevents them going to his competition! Once they are his, he ensures they sign up to his service and gives them such good treatment that they want to stay with him in case of any other times they need a plumber!

How does he get customers to go to him instead of his competition? He is using the internet! He has been developing a range of short YouTube videos for each area, as well as a website for each area in the North-West. Apparently a lot of people even use Google to look for plumbers now, so he is well ahead of a lot of his profession, who still rely on Yellow Pages and other outdated marketing methods. By doing this, he gets a lot of new customers each month, especially emergency plumbing jobs!

Here’s an example of one of his new videos:

You can find it on YouTube here. Apparently many areas like this one, don’t have any other plumbers videos, so anyone using youtube will only find his! Excellent!

I wish him all the best, and I am very impressed he had the brains to go for this (I didn’t think he was very internet savvy at all). How wrong was I?


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