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Getting A Deal on the High Street for Kids Clothing

One of the most  common noises heard in clothing stores these days is the sighing of parents. These parents are sighing at the prices of everything in the store, or the fact their child does not appreciate the effort they are making. It’s hard to take a child onto the high street today and come away with clothes that they actually want. Society has a new implication – that we all must have the latest trendy gear, and we must have it all today. Whatever happened to finding a bargain on the high street?

Thankfully, younger kids are not quite such a puzzle to find good clothing for. The high street might be losing the war at present versus the convenience of online, but you can find many independent clothing stores that can help you out in this regard. High streets all up and down the country and full of clothes shops that offer ethically made and fairly priced clothing articles for your kids.

Trying to give you good brands to look for would be impossible as every high street has its own stores and brands, but here are some general tips to help you avoid the stores that aren’t going to be worth your time;

Don’t Ask – Don’t Get

One of the most common sights abroad is to see British holiday goers bartering with every shop owner in sight, trying to get the price. So why back home do we take every price and claim at face value?

There is no law to say that the ticketed price has to be the price of the item, so working your ticket can get you money off. Whether the item is “damaged” or you just fancy your chances, haggling the price down isn’t just for marketplaces – it’s still more than welcome on the High Streets in the 21st Century. It’s been shown that even in big stores like TESCO and John Lewis, you have a fair chance of doing a little bit of haggling. These companies take billions every year – if you are offering a smaller amount for a sale, they might just see that as yet another few pounds towards the target. Some online stores build a discount into their RRP, such as this store selling Baby Joules.


Get Value Online

You might be heading into the High Street on foot, but there’s plenty of value to be found online beforehand. Checking sites like Groupon and MoneySupermarket could be an excellent way to get a nice % off whatever you go into buy. Online vouchers and money off is so common today to try and match competition, a bit of looking around can pay off big time for you. Great brands, such as Little Joules, are available at discounted rates.

Go To The Top

When you walk into any high street store, you will be greeted by service staff. They can be useful, of course, but make sure that any actual work that you look to get done in the store in terms of purchases is dealt with by an assistant manager or a manager themselves. This gives you more scope to ask tougher questions and maybe talk yourself into a few discounts!


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